• ELL offers solutions for digital converters of DC motors for standard drives as well as for drives with extremely high quality requirements of speed regulation. We are able to control every DC motor in the condition you require also when they are used in systems with precise positioning or synchronic control of two or more motors;
  • ELL offers solutions for drives of DC motors for non standard application - for specific working conditions, for non standard motors, for different power supplies, for requirements of specific functional possibilities etc.;
  • ELL has the experience in designing and production of life test racks for automotive bulbs of all types according to the international standards. When designing the racks we meet the customers' requirements of number and type of the tested lamps. We offer systems of life test racks for automotive lamps with automatic reading of test results;
  • ELL has the experience in designing and production of controllers and peripheral modules suitable for the configuration of distributed systems for the control of the technological production process;
  • ELL has realized projects of automation systems in machine building and metal processing, printing equipment, extruder and forming machines in the plastic production etc. The projects are realized on the basis of specialized programmable controllers, peripheral modules, key-boards and indications of our own and also by using of supplies of renowned companies. In our projects we offer the cheapest opportunities for DC motor drives as well as high productivity opportunities using the modern achievements in asynchronous and brushless DC drives;
  • ELL designs electronic modules according to the customers’ preliminary design by using modern microprocessors and element basis. We have experience in designing of heavy duty devices in a large temperature range. We can organize the production of the designed products in small or large series at the customers’ request;
  • ELL offers software solutions based on PCs for the control of technological processes, petrol stations, etc..

Installing and starting to work

We are mostly intended to meet our clients' requirements. After buying our products or when realizing a new project, we are ready to install and start the equipment and to teach the client's specialists.

Guarantee and out-of-guarantee maintеnance

We offer our clients guarantee and out-of-guarantee maintenance of our products and services. The maintenance is carried out by qualified specialists and in best technical conditions.