12XXX WSM series digital thyristor converters for controlling permanent magnet DC motors

The 12XXX WSM series thyristor converters are designed for the precise speed control of DC motors WSM series for feeding drives. Their control  is realized by modern DSProcessors and it enables a wide speed regulation range, high reliability and stability of the operating characteristics.

According to their purpose, the 12XXX WSM series converters are universal and they can completely replace the old analog converters TUD 6 series in feeding drives type WSA 2. They have built-in functions and interface which are optimal for feeding drive controls in CNC machines.

The main functional possibilities of the 12XXX WSM series converters are as follows:

  • Precise four quadrant control of DC motors for feeding drives;
  • Digital adaptive PID speed regulator with adaptation as function of real speed or as function of speed error;
  • Flexible parameter adjustment possibility of the adaptive speed regulator including adjustment of the thresholds of their function;
  • Digital armature current regulator;
  • Dynamic speed regulation range – more than 1 : 10 000;
  • peed feedback by tachogenerator or encoder;
  • Programmable dynamic limitation of armature current defined at 6 points;
  • Automatic definition of the sequence of phases of the power supply and possibility of function at “left” and “right” phase rotation;
  • System of programmable and device protections ensuring the safety function of converter and electric drive;
  • Universal digital inputs for positive or negative polarity signals;
  • Internal or external voltage supply of digital inputs;
  • Converter adjustment by parameter system of  8 groups;
  • Possibility of monitoring of the main electric drive variables;
  • Entering and measuring the variables of current, voltage and frequency of the electric drive in engineering units ( A, V and Hz);
  • Special means for drive preliminary control and adjustment;
  • Digital input and output control;
  • Speed feedback sensor control;
  • Power supply quality control;
  • Power thyristor control;
  • Terminal language choice;
  • Error list with possibility of reading the last 10 error messages.

The main technical data of the 12XXX WSM series digital thyristor converters for feeding drives are shown in the table.


Converter type






Armature rated current

26 A

28 A

28 A

42 A

44 A

Max armature current

130 A

140 A

140 A

210 A

220 A

Type of motor, WSM






Supply voltage of power rectifier

3x220 V

3х190 V

3x220 V

3x270 V

3x270 V

Frequency of power


45 ÷ 65 Hz

Max voltage of motor armature

170 V

120 V

200 V

200 V

250 V

Power contactor and dynamic stop

Built in


Dynamic current limitation of armature current


Speed regulation range not less than

1:10 000

Speed feedback sensor

Tachogenerator or encoder

Analog input of speed


64 ranges

≤ 120 V at NMAX

Analog input for speed setting

± 10V, 10 kΩ

Digital inputs

2 inputs,  ± 24V / 10mA

Digital outputs

2 outputs relay type, 100VAC / 0.3A, 24VDC / 0.3A

Series interfaces

RS 232C up to 9600 bps

Working regime

Continuous  S1

Protection class

ІP 20

Dimensions  HхWхL