4XXX series digital thyristor converters for direct current (DC) motors with independent excitation

The 4XXX series thyristor converters are designed for the precise speed and position control of DC motors with independent excitation for main and servo drives. Their control is realized by modern DSProcessors and it enables extensible functional drive possibilities, high reliability and stability of the operating characteristics.

According to their purpose, the 4XXX series converters are universal and their functional possibilities and flexible interface make possible the installing in main drives on CNC machines and easy replacement  of old analog converter types КЕМРОС, КЕМТОР, FANUC, SIEMENS, BAUMULLER ect.

The main functional possibilities of the 4XXX series converters are as follows:

  • Precise four quadrant control (field weakening) of DC motors with independent excitation for main and servo drives;
  • Digital adaptive PID speed regulator with adaptation as function of real speed or as function of speed error;
  • Flexible parameter adjustment possibility of the adaptive speed regulator as well as of the thresholds of parameter function;
  • Motor work in to three zones:
    • First zone – work with constant torque;
    • Second zone – work with constant power;
    • Third zone – work with power decrease;
  • Work possibility only in first zone without field weakening;
  • Digital armature current regulator;
  • Digital EMF regulator;
  • Digital  excitation current regulator;
  • Digital positioning regulator;
  • Dynamic speed regulation range – more than 1 : 10 000;
  • Speed feedback by tachogenerator, encoder or armature EMF;
  • Speed setting: analog ±10 V, analog unipolar 0 ÷ 10 V with sign, digital with parallel code to 14 bit or series communication;
  • Programmable dynamic limitation of armature current at function 1/n;
  • 3 excitation of the rated current ranges with switch over possibility;
  • Defining the motor armature resistance automatically;
  • Automatic definition of the sequence of phases of the power supply and possibility of function at “left” and “right” phase rotation;
  • System of programmable and device protections ensuring the safety function of converter and electric drive;
  • Switch over possibility up to 4 max. speeds of gearbox machines and changing of transmission coefficient between encoder and motor  ;
  • 10 bit parallel code speed adjustment of gearbox with transmission coefficient switch over;
  • Built in orientated stop function;
  • Orientated stop position setting by parameter;
  • Different algorithms in orientated stop position function;
  • Converter control possibility according to moment;
  • Moment limitation on 2 levels – TLL and TLH;
  • Built-in ramp generator of  armature current regulator for reduction of gear strikes when changing of rotation moment sign of motor;
  • Universal digital inputs for positive or negative polarity signals;
  • Division of  the digital inputs into 2 groups with possibility each of them to be powered by internal or external operative voltage;
  • Configuration and choice the working mode of the digital inputs with appropriating functions and change the active logical status;
  • Configuration and choice the working mode of the digital outputs with appropriating functions and change the active logical status;
  • 2 analog outputs with possibility of choice of the measured variable;
  • Converter  adjustment by parameter system of 11 groups;
  • Possibility of monitoring of the main electric drive variables;
  • Entering and measuring the variables of current, voltage and frequency of the electric drive in engineering units - A, V and Hz;
  • Special means for drive preliminary adjustment;
  • Digital input and output control;
  • Terminal language choice;
  • Speed feedback sensor control;
  • Checking the status of the position feedback sensor;
  • Power supply quality control;
  • Power thyristor control;
  • Error list with possibility of reading the last 16 error messages;
  • Adjusting parameters by ELL RS232 V2.0 under OS WINDOWS;

General technical data of the thyristor converters series 4ХХХ are given in Table 1.

Dimensions and weight of the converter series 4ХХХ are given in Table 2.