Resolver-encoder converter

The CONV_RES/ENC 01 converter is designed to convert resolver signals into quadrature encoder pulses. It is used when implementing speed or position feedback of drives, to create closed positioning systems, etc., in which a resolver is used as a feedback sensor. The converter is particularly suitable for direct connection to thyristor converters of the 4XXX, 12XXX, 13XXX and 14XXX series when they control DC motors with built-in resolvers, for example RB02. The main functional capabilities of the CONV_RES/ENC 01 type converter are:

  • number of pulses at the output of the converter for one revolution of a resolver with one pair of poles – 1024 pulses/rev.;
  • TTL output signals – differential series A - A, B - B, C - C; maximum frequency of pulses at the output of the converter – up to 200 kHz;
  • conversion resolution – 12 bit;
  • maximum angular error:
    • ± 22 arc min in standard execution;
    • ± 11 arc min in special execution;
  • DOS and LOT indications for operating mode errors;
  • voltage frequency of the excitation coil - from 10 to 20 kHz;
  • supply voltage – 5V ± 5%;
  • maximum consumed current – 200 mA;
  • dimensions – 83.0x81.0x31.0 mm