Life test racks for automotive bulbs

The life test racks are designed to test the duration of lighting of automotive bulbs according to the international standard IEC 810. The life test racks offers

  • Guaranteed operation of the bulbs as per IEC 810 requirements,
  • Uninterrupted monitoring of the bulbs function for each bulb independently,
  • Protection from the loss of data in case of power breakdown,
  • Option for data transfer from the life test racks to PC.

Construction of the life test racks

The design of the racks is a modular construction containing the main frame and the test blocks. The main frame includes the high voltage distributor box, the 24V supply unit as well as the controller by which the racks are operated. On the main frame also the test blocks are mounted. The modular construction allows combining a variety of different lamps to be tested in one rack.

Depending on the types of bulbs to be tested principally the life test racks are separated into 4 main categories. This is necessary because of the different switching cycles given by the IEC 810 and the different test voltages in the case of bulbs with 12V nominal voltage (13,2V test voltage for head lamp bulbs and 13,5V test voltage for other bulbs). These 4 categories are:

  • Head lamp bulbs with 2 filaments
  • Head lamp bulbs with 1 filament
  • Auxiliary bulbs for continues lighting and
  • Auxiliary bulbs for intermittent lighting (flasher and brake lamp bulbs)

Principally all life test racks can be made according to the customers’ requirement with these 4 categories. We offer life test racks for head lamp bulbs with 8 test blocks (total 40 test positions) and life test racks for auxiliary bulbs with 8, 10, 12 or 14 test blocks with 10 test positions each. Within each category it is regardless what kind of combination of types of bulbs the customer wants to test.

The test blocks

Depending on the type of bulbs to be tested the test blocks are equipped with 5 test positions (for bulbs with a nominal power of 30W or more) or 10 test positions for bulbs up to 30W nominal power. The bulbs are supplied with a stabilized DC in a tolerance range of less than +/- 0.5% from the test voltage.

Depending on the customer requirement the test blocks can be provided with standardized sockets for the fitment of the bulbs or with universal connectors for bulbs without bases.

The controller

The hart of our life test racks. The controller is the basis for the communication between man and life test rack. With this controller the operator can

  • enter test voltage, for each test block individually
  • set timers (for automatic interruption of the life test after desired time for lumen maintenance measurement)
  • set the clocks monitoring the life time of the bulbs
  • see the quantity of failed bulbs per test block
  • see the individual failure time of the bulbs (precision 1 minute!)
  • see the already passed test duration (as per IEC 810)
  • get information about malfunction of the life test rack or wrong setup by the operator
  • get information about the time to next on / off switch (except flasher lamp bulbs)
  • get information about the filament being under test in case of head lamp bulbs with 2 filaments

All information will be displayed on the LCD of the controller. The simple setup of the controllers program allows quick and easy access to all information and setups.

In a nutshell, all you need to set and all you need to know you can do by the help of the controller for easy handling.

Optionally we offer the hard- and software needed to link one or more (up to 31!) life test racks to a PC where the operator has access to all test information of each life test rack and each single bulb from his desk top.